Existing Franchisor Consulting

We believe that there are 10 Stages of Franchise Sales. In order to effectively sell franchises, your brand must efficiently execute each one of these steps. If there is a mere crack in the foundation of any of these stages, your franchise candidate will draw caution and potentially look at other business opportunities. Franchise sales, or the lack thereof, usually screeches to a halt if there are consistent weaknesses in more than one of these areas.

Existing Franchisor Consultant Summary

The St. Gregory Development Group specializes in working with franchisors to solidify their organization in 5 key areas:

  • Creative
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Exit Strategy

We have designed 142 individual modules and 31 separate consulting packages to help ignite your brand. Whether you need a tune up, an overhaul, or help in new strategic vision…we can help!


Our Creative section is designed to provide your brand exceptional materials to assist you in sales and development, as well as, help you connect with consumers that visit and/or purchase the products and services your franchise locations are selling. Our consulting services provide Graphic Design assistance, website and page construction, video and brochure production, and technology integration for your company and sharpen the image of your brand.

Landing Page Package

Landing pages allow franchisors to create excitement without overwhelming a potential franchise candidate. A spokesperson (avatar) driven concise message delivers just enough information to convey the opportunity and points to a clear call to action and the first step in your sales process. If you currently have a landing page, we can revise copy, modify your presentation method, or produce an alternative delivery platform.

Digital Brochure Package

Digital brochures create a path for your candidate. Each module in your process (sales funnel) is generally locked until the franchisor opens the door to learn on a more advanced level. Powerful content, vivid imagery and cutting edge video technology allow you to give a three dimensional view point of your offering.

Franchise Website Package

Many franchisors display content for their brand offering on the same site that consumers visit. We strongly recommend that franchisors use a separate site exclusively for candidates. This allows for better web analytics about who is visiting you site and what they are learning.

Print Materials Package

Compelling messages are sometimes challenging to capture in print. When needed though, print material can play an important role in connecting with a franchise candidate. We have developed strong relationships with graphic design and copy writing firms that specialize in the franchise world.

Graphics Package

Our independent graphic design contractors can create work with you to design new logos for any of you affiliates or systems. With a memorable logo in hand, you can work with our team to design letterhead, business cards, and/or an email salutation.

Technology Package

Technology plays a major role in franchise recruitment, managing your existing franchisees, and creating interactive platforms for consumers that use or visit your system’s locations. In addition, offering training and support through online portals allows for efficient communication and continuing education.


Individuals buy franchises to get access to proven profitable systems. If your product or service is the best in the world, but your company lacks solid back end operations, your franchisees will eventually fail. Our comprehensive Operations Suite provides your brand with effective consulting that enables you to build a solid foundation and, inherently, a more financially sound business model. We are able to analyze your existing franchise, give you direct access to your competitor’s best practices, and design new operational structures to enable you to win on the battlefield.

Business Audit Package

One of our most popular packages is our Business Audit. Over the series of onsite visits, conference calls, and internet interviews, our team breaks down all of the following core areas of your business: Sales, Operations, Legal, Technology, Marketing, and Advertising. From these meetings, we deliver proposed Unit Economics and Systemization guidance. In addition, we provide a roadmap for success with a laser focused Strategic Business Plan and a model for Scalable Growth. Finally, we will analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to your business and industry.

Industry Research Package

Industry Research provides you direct access into the backyard of your competitor’s business. In most cases, we are able to deliver the FDDs of your competitors and our Secret Shopper experience allows you to become intimately aware of how they sell and operate their units. A Competition Grid provides you an effective visual comparison and contrast to your competitors and how they operate. Carefully designed Sales Pieces allow you to deliver your differentiators to your prospective candidate audience in an effective and proper format.

Item 19 Package

A Franchise Disclosure Document is a mandatory deliverable at some point throughout the sales recruitment process. Although they are not mandatory, Item 19 Financial Performance Representations are arguably the most scrutinized data in your FDD. This package offers you insight into your competitor’s FPRs, analysis of your existing representation strategies, and guidance toward a more powerful presentation of what is possible financially with your brand.

Business Profile

A Business Profile is a powerful snapshot tool to aid your candidates in analyzing your franchise opportunity. Whether on your franchise website, through video, or an external print slick, your brand can give an introduction to the following areas of your business: Business Basics and Features, Company History, Strengths, Franchise Candidate Criteria, Training and Support, Territory Offerings, Human Resources, Earnings Claims, and your Organizational Chart.

Operations Package

Our Operations Package provides you picks up where the Business Audit left off. The Business Audit gives our team valuable data and analysis of various segments of your brand. Operational inefficiencies can reduce production and wreak havoc on your bottom line. Each platform module in this package is designed to challenge, break down, and rebuild systems within your franchise organization.

Communications Package

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Online Forums and Conventions bring your franchisees together to share best practices and learn effective strategies within your community. Newsletters, webinars, and conference calls allow you to share the most up to date pertinent information about your industry and what positive news is happening at your corporate headquarters.

Franchise Support Package

One of the questions we often ask franchisees (of any system) is…Do you believe you are in an equitable relationship with your franchisor? Unfortunately, the answer is usually a resounding, NO. Franchise Support is one of the most important features that every potential candidate analyzes when they look at your opportunity. Our team will analyze and review your current systems, staff, procedures, and efficiencies that you have in place to support your franchisees. Then, we will provide guidance as to where you can save time, money, and energy.

Franchisee Training Package

An effective and productive training curriculum provides your franchisee with a launch pad for success. After a careful review of your existing training, our team will provide you with pre-training exercises, video and power point presentations for live training, and comprehensive online materials to give. Post Training surveys validate the effectiveness of your training platforms.


Franchise Sales is a large and key source of revenue for franchisors. Whether you currently have an inside development team or you are using franchise brokers, outside perspective can provide tools and strategies for a more effective use of your resources. Maximizing your investment dollars for lead generation, creating a powerful sales process, and tuning up all of the various stages of franchise development (i.e. Discovery day, Validation, etc.) are critical steps that a franchisor can take to become more efficient in franchise sales. Our Sales Consulting Services save you time, money, and energy and allow you to prosper even in a tough economic climate.

Sales Funnel Package

A systemized sales process is mandatory if you want to effectively and efficiently sell franchises. Many franchisors method of sales is to continue to go in circles until a candidate either says yes or disappears. Our Sales Funnel Package designs Introductory Conference Calls and Videos. After we have tightened your Unit Economics, we build a proper presentation to show how your franchise candidates will financially benefit from your model. Separate video presentations of how you handle Sales, Marketing, Technology, Training, and Support deliver the right amount of information at the right time to a franchise candidate. Auto responder and follow up emails make sure that your sales team is delivering a consistent message.

Sales Strategy Reports

Detailed Sales Strategy Reports help provide you with the latest information in lead generation techniques, industry outsource leaders, and the newest forms of technology sector by sector. The following lead source reports are available: Public Relations, Trade Shows, Search Engine Optimization, Traditional Advertising, Referrals, Social Networking, Employment Sites, Branding, Portals, Consulting Networks, and Franchise Database Mining.

Lead Generation Package

Finding qualified and well capitalized candidates has become extremely challenging for franchisors in today’s economic climate and quality leads sources have become few and far between. Our Lead Generation package analyses your current sources and provides you with a strategic plan and budget to maximize your available funds for franchise recruitment. Our Candidate Analysis builds a profile for what you are looking for and our Layered Approach Module ensures that you have multiple lead sources working for you.

Sales Training Package

Our Sales Training Package is designed for brands that currently have inside sales and development team. We empower your inside team with proven sales methods and techniques that have been carefully constructed over the past 15 years. We use a series of Phone Interviews, Web Videos, and On-Site Visits to connect with your current development team and help them produce greater results for your company.

Validation Package

Validation is often the most critical piece in the franchise recruitment puzzle. Once a candidate receives poor validation from one or multiple franchisees, their interest level in your brand will decrease significantly. In addition, the candidate will begin to challenge and scrutinize what your sales and development team are saying during their presentations. Our Validation Package begins with franchise surveys that allow us to thoroughly analyze how your franchisees feel about their franchise. We then provide a Strategic Plan for validation and how to help franchisees understand the importance of getting involved.

Discovery Day Package

Discovery Day allows your franchise candidates to touch and feel your brand on an intimate level in a comfortable setting. Typically held at your corporate headquarters, Discovery Day usually consists of presentation, interviews, demonstrations, and live interaction between corporate executives and prospective franchisees. Our Discovery Day Package provides an effective Process and Materials necessary to create an amazing impression.

Consulting Networks Package

Consulting Networks can provide franchisors access to well capitalized and qualified franchise candidates. The consultants find clients through relationship building, franchise sales portals, and personal contact referrals. Our team can create effective presentations to introduce your brand to thousands of consultants nationwide. In addition, we can work with your existing in-house sales and development team and train them to effectively communicate with these consultants through Consulting Cafes. Finally, we create platforms for Accountability and Responsiveness that ensure a healthy relationship between your brand and your partnering consultants.

Search Engine Optimization Package

Search Engine Optimization is an effective tool to generate leads for your sales team and attract connect with customers of your franchise locations. Our SEO Package creates customized strategies for Organic Growth. Furthermore, we intertwine Social Media into these efforts to drive traffic to your website(s) and maximize results once your desired audience arrives.

Recruitment Package

Recruitment is how you grow your franchise. Our Recruitment Package assists you in finding franchisees, hiring critical franchise executives, and back filling your organization with divisional employees. We begin with by helping you identify the positions you need to fill. Then, through strategic web placements and networking within the franchise world, we help you find qualified employee candidates.


In the beginning, most franchisors focus nearly all of their time on franchise sales and back end operations. At some point with your brand, you will need to designate a long term plan and exit strategy. This may entail a public offering, selling to private equity, passing the business onto family, or selling to a competitor. Whatever you wishes, our team of franchise executives and third party consultants can design a business plan with an exit strategy, keep you focused on the necessary milestones to achieve your goals, and, for qualified clients, help you raise growth capital.

Funding Package

Today’s credit crunch has extremely limited franchisor’s access to capital. In addition, financing for franchisees has been equally challenging. Whether it is necessary equipment to operate the franchise or financing initial fees, franchisees and franchisors need additional sources of capital and access to private funds. Our Funding Package provides you, your franchisees, and your prospective franchisees with information about these funding sources.

Business Plan Package

In order to reach your end goals, you will need a specific business plan that is designed with the end in mind. This strategic plan will provide you with initiatives and milestones that are tied to your long term exit strategy, provide a clear path to success, and assist you in your efforts to raise the necessary funding that you need operate your business.

Franchisee Health Package

Strong franchisee validation is critical to selling franchises. In order to attract positive reviews within your franchise community, your franchise partners need to be profitable. Our Franchisee Health Package utilizes surveys to gain valuable data from your franchisees. Then, we use a Temperature Test to help franchisors understand how the partners feel, establish an Advisory Council, and communicate initiatives for better franchise relations.