The St. Gregory Development Group can help you determine which of these distribution methods best fits your personal business philosophies, your capitalization, and your growth timeline.  For the purposes of this website though, we will focus on franchising and help you determine if it is right for you.

Business operations is defined as the harvesting of value from assets owned by a business. The franchisor is the expert in their respective field, how well they convey that expertise to their franchisees will determine the success of the brand. The St. Gregory Development Group understands the dynamics and efficiencies that need to exist in a successful franchise. Having a strong operational system means having fail safe processes in place. Creating and maintaining a comprehensive training program is the first step in determining the success of your franchise community. Once the franchisee has been trained, you must continue to earn your royalty and have knowledgeable support to offer franchisees in their journey towards financial success.

Once the franchised business is up and running, the franchisor must be able to provide guidance in continuing operational functions. Marketing and advertising is one of the more important tasks towards driving new business to the franchisees on a local level. Having a reliable accounting system in place that allows both franchisor and franchisee transparency into the business financials is a must.

Franchisees must be supported on all levels of their tenure within the business. At the beginning, the support is focused on getting the business started with such tasks as finding real estate. As they move further down the path, business development becomes more and more important. There must be systems in place that allow for the growth and development of that franchisee.

Living in a day and age of lawsuit happy society, having a strong legal structure is an absolute necessity. Whether it is having an air tight FDD; having human resources to make sure that store operations are running properly; or making sure that processes are in place to assure franchisees are in compliance with their operating agreement – you need to make sure that you are protecting yourself and your business interests.

A productive franchise sales piece is essential to any franchisor that wants to growth outside of their own backyard. From analyzing a prospective candidate, to sales strategies, to franchise development; the St. Gregory Development Group has mastered the art of franchise sales and can provide your company with a clear and concise path to moving units on a national basis.

We believe that there are 10 Stages of Franchise Sales. In order to effectively sell franchises, you brand must execute each one of these steps at an extremely high level. If there is a mere crack in the foundation of any of these stages, your franchise candidate will draw caution and potentially walk away from purchasing one of your units. Franchise sales, or the lack thereof, usually screeches to a halt if there are consistent weaknesses in more than one area.

The St. Gregory Development Group specializes in working with franchisors to solidify their organization in 5 key areas:

We have designed 142 individual modules and 31 separate consulting packages to help ignite your brand. Whether you need a tune up, an overhaul, or help in new strategic vision…we can help!