Our concept is almost as unique as the story behind our formation. The founding members of the St. Gregory Development Group are lifelong friends with a diverse background with the only exception being a common adoration for entrepreneurship. With backgrounds encompassing everything from corporate banking, ownership in multimillion dollar organizations, practicing law, and managing sales departments, just to name a few, each founding member eventually discovered franchising at different points in their respective lives.

As success and recognition came from within the franchising industry amongst the individual members, an idea was born - What if these four distinct success stories joined forces to create a company that could service all of the needs of franchisors looking to capture that same winning formula?

There are handful of reputable franchise sales organizations in the industry, a multitude of accomplished franchise attorneys; and countless franchise development firms; but none that can synergistically combine all of these components that are necessary to structuring and growing an idea into a nationally enduring brand.

Founded in 2010, the St. Gregory Development Group assembled a group of some of the brightest, emerging stars in the franchising industry. Our team has one single focus… to help you win.

The St. Gregory Development Group is a franchise sales and brand development firm that believes in big results. Our firm is comprised of detail oriented franchise executives who have a proven track record in helping franchisors and sales organizations achieve their financial goals and growth objectives. We have worked with both emerging and seasoned brands that have elected to use franchising as a distribution vehicle, as well as non-franchised brands struggling to reach their goals. In the process, we have developed a culture of winning sales and operational strategies and we use this knowledge to help our clients build nationally enduring brands.

The St. Gregory Development Group is a leader in franchising, licensing, and distribution matters, representing clients nationwide. Our clients come from a variety of business sectors that have adopted franchising as a method of distribution and cover a broad spectrum of size and experience, from entrepreneurs and start-up companies that are making the leap from a locally owned business, to one of the fastest growing franchise systems in the United States. Our clients manage franchise and distribution systems that range from one outlet to thousands of outlets and, while the majority of our clients are franchisors and distribution companies, we also represent multiple unit, area development, and master franchisees on a wide variety of matters.

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We believe that working side by side a franchise development and sales firm will create a stronger bond and synergistic approach to developing the brand. There are 5 stages to franchising. The length of time between stages will depend on resources (personnel and financial), your business philosophies (conservative, aggressive, etc.), and our desire to complete each task necessary to take your product or service to market. The process of franchising is as follows:

  1. Decide whether or not franchising is your preferred growth strategy
  2. Chose the individuals and/or teams that will assist you in development and sales
  3. Franchise Preparation
  4. Franchise Recruitment
  5. Franchise Operations